ExpoHolguin 2020, a chance to do business with Cuba

Holguin, Cuba, Feb. 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s entrepreneurship is getting ready this Tuesday for the upcoming edition of the commercial fair ExpoHolguin 2020, an option to forge alliances that contribute to boost the market, consolidate socialist State companies, substitute imports and attract foreign investment.

This trade event, which will be held in this eastern city from March 16 to 20, will arouse the presentation of offers and demands of domestic State and private entrepreneurs, State and private, as well as those from abroad.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the director of Holguin-Tunas delegation of the Commerce Chamber, Hilda Santiesteban pointed out that, so far, around 70 entities have confirmed their attendance from different ministries and there will be speakers and professional visitors at the event.

Santiesteban added that ExpoHolguin 2020 is a steadfast letter of presentation for national manufactures because there are huge potentialities in the territory; furthermore, enterprises are working on productive linkage and on perfecting the production of exportable assets in order to gain the necessary incomes to move forward the region.

Precisely, the main exporting entities of the province will attend the event, among them, the Mechanical Company ‘Heroes of July 26’ and producer enterprise of nickel and cobalt ‘Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara,’ the sugar cane factory ’60 Aniversario,’ GEOMINERA Holguin company and the Horticulture enterprise ‘Wilfredo Peña’.

Likewise, delegations from Suriname, Panama and the Spanish Iberostar hotel chain will participate, which operates the Iberostar Holguin hotel and the leading up to its opening Almirante Selection hotel on the Guardalavaca beach.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Perez, commercial expert of the Chamber of Commerce in this province, explained to Prensa Latina that the program of the event will include the launch of products and services by the entities and conferences of various current economic issues of which stand out productive linkage, export of services, development of industrial areas, among others.

The ExpoHolguin event will have its traditional headquarters at exhibition area and will be dedicated to the 300 anniversary of the people of Holguin and youth.

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Planned Parenthood Sues Trump Administration over Rule Requiring Separate Abortion Billing for Obamacare Insurers

Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration on Tuesday, objecting to the administration’s rule requiring Obamacare insurers to bill separately for abortions.

The rule, scheduled to take effect June 27, would require health-insurance companies that participate in the Affordable Care Act marketplace to send a second bill to patients for abortions, separate from their bill for other healthcare. Patients will have to pay using two separate checks, two money orders, or two electronic transactions.

In their lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, Planned Parenthood of Maryland and the ACLU argue that the rule has an unstated purpose, namely to make it so expensive and burdensome for insurance companies to provide abortion coverage that the companies stop providing it.

The administration “has not identified a single quantifiable benefit from the final rule to weigh in the balance against these costs,” the suit states.

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Sanders has ‘problem’ with Bloomberg ‘thinking he can buy the election’

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders said in an interview that will air later Tuesday that he had ‘a real problem” with Mike Bloomberg spending hundreds of millions of his own money on his presidential bid. “I don’t begrudge his wealth, but I do begrudge a billionaire thinking he can buy the election. He has…

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Palestine rejects Trump’s Middle East plan at UN

United Nations, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected Tuesday at the UN Security Council the Middle East peace plan proposed by US President Donald Trump and denounced its illegality.

Such project tries to legalize what is illegal: the Israeli occupation in Palestine, the construction of settlements by the settlers and the confiscation and annexation of Arab lands, he stressed.

That project or any part of it cannot be considered an international reference for negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, he said.

I don’t know who gave the American president the abominable recommendations included in the initiative launched by Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the end of January, he said in the Security Council.

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Philippines cancels U.S. military agreement

Manila, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, announced today the cancellation of an agreement that regulates the U.S. military presence in the Asian country.

The president ordered his foreign minister, Teodoro Locsin, to notify Washington of the decision to terminate the so-called Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between both armies.

‘It is time that we trust ourselves, we will strengthen our own defenses and we do not depend on any other country,’ said Duterte spokesman Salvador Panelo at a press conference Tuesday.

This measure comes after the U.S. country last month prohibited the entry into its territory of officials involved in the so-called war on drugs, the main banner of the Philippine head of State criticized by international bodies.

The VFA, signed in 1998, granted legal status to thousands of Pentagon troops who frequently entered the Philippines for military exercises and humanitarian assistance.

However, the two nations maintain a mutual defense treaty and an Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

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Eriel Sanchez trusts in Cuban baseball revival

Havana, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) Eriel Snachez, former catcher of the Cuban national baseball teams and current manager of the sub-23 selection, has expressed confidence in the revival of baseball in Cuba.

Sanchez has been appointed manager of promising figures which will seek to gain entry to world tournament during the Honduras and Nicaragua Pan-American eliminations this month.

‘We have young prospective players showing great commitment, which is why I expect we can classify for the world tournament. It is quite a compact and prospective team,’ he commented to Prensa Latina news agency.

‘I think there is much effort to be made in baseball, and there is a great will to reach important results on an international level. I see with good eyes the idea of making the best performance in our national championship,’ he said.

Further on in his interview with Prensa Latina, Sanchez stated this is an ongoing process to return the ‘glow’ to Cuban baseball, and ‘even though there is a hard road ahead, we expect an Olympic ticket can be achieved.’

Cuba will be part of the Honduras elimination group, along with Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras itself, and Panama. The Nicaragua group will see the naturals, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominica Republic, El Salvador and Venezuela facing off.

‘It is everyone’s will to recover lost ground, so we are going for the best results at the Pan-American qualifier, with the hope that the national selection will make it to the Tokyo Olympics,’ Sanchez told to Prensa Latina.

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Cuba’s efforts for food safety highlighted in Rome

Rome, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s efforts to maintain food safety and to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), amidst considerable adversities, has been highlighted by the Cuban ambassador, Jose Carlos Rodriguez.

The Permanent Representative for Cuba and Acting Governor to the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD) delivered a speech during the 43rd session of the Administration Council of the United Nations body, being held in Rome, focused on seeking solutions to eradicate famine in the world by 2030.

Food safety is a key factor for Cuba’s national security, said the diplomat, who added that agriculture, like the rest of the country’s economy, ‘is being made accessible to foreign investment, which we consider strategic.’

Rodriguez informed the IFAD in his 2019 speech that it was a ‘heavy year for the country’s economy,’ mainly due to the worsening of the restrictive measures imposed by the US blockade against Cuba.

He said that as a result, the damages to the Food and Agricultural Industries rose to 413 million 793 thousand dollars, meaning an increase by 66 million 195 thousand dollars compared to the previous year, with serious impact on agriculture and food production.

Rodriguez went on to speak of how Cuba is working to achieve the SDG, which aligns with Cuba’s National Economic and Social Development Plan.

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Is freedom of speech really under attack? Conservatives are being silenced.

Americans today fear that one of the protections granted by the first amendment, freedom of speech, is under attack by certain liberal outlets. For sure, only the U.S. government oversees enforcing and protecting the first amendment. Legally, freedom of speech is not a right that private institutions or individuals need to control or uphold. It is a fact that; Conservative commentators struggle to find social media platforms where to work. Indeed, there is no freedom of speech on the internet at large, and social media websites have the right to enforce their speech policies.

Americans question why employers or institutions have the right to restrict the actions of their staff. One famous example is an Ivy League employee who was terminated from his job after including a bible quote in an email signature, after being reprimanded for supporting a Republican candidate in his personal Facebook account. Nevertheless, individual employers generally feel they have the right to fire employees who they feel represent their political values poorly. The question remains as to whether Americans can accept that others have a right to free speech even if that speech violates their political preferences. Whose speech is being restricted, and is there a growing intolerance in the country? There have been numerous reports of right-leaning scholars being silenced, disinvited, or even fired from college campuses for expressing their opinions. In most cases, though, colleges were comfortably able to host liberal speakers without significant incidents.

Companies believe they have the right to fire employees for violating social media policy, even if it relates to political opinions. The freedom of speech amendment does not protect against companies taking actions, particularly in at-will employment. It is time for the government to take action to protect freedom of speech, reversing years of first amendment capitulation; actions needed.

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