Abraham Lincoln, Epitome of Political Civility

No American ever modeled the virtue more nobly — or expressed it more eloquently than he did in the Gettysburg Address.

This stovepipe hat and thick beard make him instantly recognizable. He was a gifted politician and was unusually witty. He delivered the Gettysburg Address, memorized by schoolchildren and carved into marble at the monument in Washington that bears his name. There are many reasons that Abraham Lincoln usually finds himself at the top of lists of our most beloved and greatest presidents. Today, on his 211th birthday, it would be appropriate to examine one specific characteristic that made Lincoln great — his fierce civility.

We are not enemies, but friends. This famous line from his first inaugural address was spoken in what was about to become the most divided time in our country’s history. He said this just before the outbreak of a civil war and the attempted succession of half of the country. In the coming years hundreds of thousands of Americans died at the hands of their fellow countrymen. Friends? This war threatened to divide our union into two countries and tested whether a nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. These words, pleading for friendship, were more than mere sentiment for Lincoln. He believed that our commonalities as Americans and members of the human race were stronger than the issues that threatened to tear us apart.

Today, one does not have to look far to see that everyone seems angry about everything. Outrage drives Internet traffic. Cancel culture is pervasive. If someone speaks outside party lines, the reaction is not merely to silence him and his point of view but to destroy him. Don’t just make him shut his mouth and recant, but also make sure he loses his job and suffers public ridicule. These are the actions of an unhealthy republic and one that is not friends but enemies.

Lincoln understood that to build a strong country and a better future he would have to work with those who disagreed with him, and that included many who simply were not his biggest fans. Doris Kearns Goodwin’s marvelous book Team of Rivals is the story about the cabinet that Lincoln built out of those who were previously his political rivals. A lesser man would have been threatened by this, kept them at arm’s length, and brought in only yes men. But he rose above that. When there was a vacancy for the chief justice of the Supreme Court, Lincoln told a friend he “would rather have swallowed his buckhorn chair than to have nominated [Salmon] Chase,” but he knew what would most benefit the country, so he did. He saw the skill and talent of these men and realized they had significant capacity to strengthen America.

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Pope Francis dismisses proposal to ordain married men in Amazon

Pope Francis on Wednesday rejected a proposal that married men be ordained in the Amazon region to address a shortage of priests.

The recommendation, which Latin American bishops introduced last year, had alarmed conservatives in the deeply polarized 1.3 billion-member Roman Catholic Church, who feared it could lead to a change in the age-old commitment to celibacy among priests.

In an Apostolic Exhortation, Francis delivered his response three months after the proposal was made during a contentious assembly of Roman Catholic bishops, or synod, at the Vatican, Reuters reported.

Francis didn’t even refer to the recommendations by Amazonian bishops to consider the ordination of married deacons. Instead, he urged bishops to pray for more priestly vocations and send missionaries to the region.

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Varadero Half Marathon aims to exceed the number of participants

Havana, Feb 12 (Prensa Latina) The III Half Marathon of Varadero will be held on March 29 and its organizers intend today to exceed the figure of 1,700 contestants.

Speaking to the weekly Jit, a media outlet of the Cuban Sports Institute, the president of the Cuban Athletics Federation, Alberto Juantorena, remarked that the goal is to exceed the level of 200 foreign runners and 1,500 nationals.

If he succeeded, he said, what he achieved in the first two editions would be exceeded, because in 2018 at its premiere, 423 Cubans and only 18 foreigners competed, and a year later the amount increased to 1,441 and 103, respectively.

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Tellurium based transistor could revolutionize computing

Feb 12 (Prensa Latina) The field of computer science could be revolutionized if the large-scale manufacture of a transistor made with a material based on Tellurium and which would be the smallest in the world.

The Tellurium – belongs to the family of the chalcogens and according to the Periodic Table of Elements has the symbol Te, atomic number 52 and atomic weight 127.60.

An article published on the Nature Electronics site unveiled a joint project on the subject between Purdue, Michigan Technology, Texas in Dallas and Washington in St. Louis.

The investigation found that the one-dimensional DNA helix-shaped material encapsulated in a nanotube made of boron nitride could act as a field effect transistor with a diameter of two nanometers.

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Acupuncture helps relieve stress, which is key to preventing psoriasis flares

According to a study published in the Journal of Dermatological Treament, using acupuncture therapies to treat psoriasis is “simple, convenient, and effective” and comes with long-lasting therapeutic effects and very minimal side effects and toxicity compared to more traditional methods of treatment. Furthermore, a review of 13 different randomized trials published in The Journal of Alternative Medicine and Complementary Medicine suggested that acupuncture could be considered a natural short-term treatment for this skin disease and that more well-designed studies will be helpful in determining its true efficacy.

Beyond its stress-relieving qualities, acupuncture offers plenty of other health benefits that make it one of the most widely used natural therapies around the world. Here are a few other things that may convince you to give acupuncture a try:

  1. Reduces chronic pain. A recent study published in the Archive of Internal Medicine found that acupuncture could reduce pain by up to 15 percent when used for different types of pain, but the study focused on chronic back pain caused by physical stress or poor sleeping habits. This study also suggested that using acupuncture could reduce the pain caused by psoriasis. (Related: Acupuncture significantly reduces pain following C-section: Research)
  2. Reduces the frequency of insomnia. Acupuncture increases the secretion of melatonin, which is a chemical that induces sleep. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of insomnia.

People who have psoriasis may find that natural treatments like acupuncture can be a great option for relieving their symptoms. Visit HealingArts.news for more studies and stories on other natural medicines for dealing with skin problems.

Cuban president meets British baroness

1Havana, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel met with Baroness Valerie Amos, a member of United Kingdom (UK)’s House of Lords and director of University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

Havana, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel met with Baroness Valerie Amos, a member of United Kingdom (UK)’s House of Lords and director of University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

Amos traveled to Cuba on Monday invited to attend the 12th Congress, Universidad 2020, which will be held at Havana’s Conference Center until Friday.

According to the Presidency’s website, Diaz-Canel and Amos exchanged in a cordial environment about the state of the bilateral relations.

They also recalled the meeting carried out by the Cuban president with members of the British parliament in November 2018, on a transit visit of the latter through London.

They also expressed the mutual will to continue the cooperation development in areas of common interest, including culture and education.

Amos came accompanied by Jackie Dunne, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Wolverhampton, and UK Charge d’Affaires in Cuba Lesley Saunderson.

Cuban First Deputy Foreign Minister Marcelino Medina also attended the meeting.

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FTC to Review Past Big Tech Mergers, Demands Info from Apple, Facebook, Amazon

U.S. regulators announced Tuesday that they are demanding information about past mergers from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google parent company Alphabet as part of an investigation into whether the tech giants broke federal antitrust laws.

The Federal Trade Commission will probe mergers made by the five mammoth tech companies over the last decade, particularly their acquisitions of smaller startups. Some of those deals were small enough that the tech giants were not required to report them at the time to the FTC for scrutiny regarding competition concerns.

Regulators have now issued investigative subpoenas requesting documents on the acquisition strategies employed by Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Alphabet to absorb startups and their accompanying data that could potentially compete with them. The broad probe is a type of investigation called a 6(b) inquiry, the results of which are published in a study rather than resulting in law enforcement action necessarily.

“This initiative will enable the Commission to take a closer look at acquisitions in this important sector, and also to evaluate whether the federal agencies are getting adequate notice of transactions that might harm competition,” read a statement from FTC Chairman Joe Simons.

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Venezuelan parliament urges to recover electoral way

Caracas, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) The President of the National Assembly (NA) in contempt, Luis Parra, dismissed on Tuesday the confrontation and the promotion of hatred as a way of doing politics and urged to recover the electoral way in Venezuela.

From the Legislative Palace, Parra assured that the vote is the only way to save the Bolivarian nation and emphasized that they will defend the current Constitution.

In this sense, he urged the political sectors of opposition to eradicate the hate in their proposals and focus on giving solutions to the problems that afflicts the Venezuelan people.

According to deputy Francisco Torrealba, the Bloque de la Patria accompanies the initiative to move along the route to return to the constitutional channel and make Parliament a forum for debate in search of solutions.

During the ordinary session of the NA, the deputies of the Bloque de la Patria also rejected the attacks on public services in the country by factors of the Venezuelan ultra-right, with the support of the United States and its allied governments.

Similarly, they condemned the unilateral measures imposed by the U.S. government against the Venezuelan Aeronautical Industries and Air Services Consortium (Conviasa).

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