The Makings of a Communist Cuba

The central theme of this important work is to emphasize the importance of protecting the sovereign liberty of people and the security of our leaders, no matter their size. One mistake can result in altering a nation’s history. In Cuba, we see the plight of Fidel Castro, a graduate of the Catholic Jesuit Academy, “Colegio de Belen”, located in Havana. Fidel was also a member of the Cuban Orthodox Party in his political beginnings. He then became associated with the Marxist-Leninist doctrines and promoted them widely.

Our Odeslink team was fortunate to speak with one of Fidel’s earliest bodyguard, as well as other’s who asked that they would be quoted anonymously (One repeated this four different times). These individuals recalled Castro’s and his followers fighting corruption. Many of them were present during Fulgencio Batista’s reign. They fought against the dire poverty that was endured by the Cuban peasants. Castro desired initially to establish a modern democracy based on Marti’s Principles, and place values set forth by his Jesuit teachings. Early in his campaign, one event occurred, a bomb with the lettering, “Made in the USA” was found near Fidel’s war camp. It never exploded but shaped Fidel’s anti-American sentiment going forward. The people that placed the bomb never were identified. Later, in 1960, Fidel visited the United Nations in New York City. While there he stayed in the Teresa Hotel in the neighborhood of the city called Harlem. The Cuban security made a great mistake by allowing the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, to meet Fidel in a private room with only a single translator. Fidel’s bodyguard told us that after the meeting, the Cuban leader looked very serious with almost tears in his eyes. He said to them,” neither Kennedy nor Khrushchev wants to give us options”. “The world is run by two ASS……”, then in 1961, Fidel declared the Cuban Revolution took the course of the Leninist-Marxist. Kennedy was considered a failure. Khrushchev was removed from office, as the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union while still alive.

Author:  Joseph Nolberts

Editor: Paul Robert Burns

Miss Staten Island banned from St. Patrick’s Day parade after coming out as bisexual

After Miss Staten Island Madison L’Insalata exclusively came out to The Post as bisexual on Saturday, parade organizer Larry Cummings banned her and her fellow beauty queens — citing safety concerns, according to a pageant organizer. The Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day parade has an ugly history of banning a gay group from marching.

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O, how Obama could alter 2020 presidential race for Joe Biden

Two days after the South Carolina primary in 2008, Ted and Caroline Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama after he beat Hillary Clinton there by 30 points. Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said on Saturday that those Kennedy endorsements were extraordinarily important to the Obama campaign.

Think how much more crucial it would be right now if Obama finally followed suit and endorsed Joe Biden after his vice president’s smashing victory in the Palmetto State. There was a 10-day gap between Obama’s win in 2008 and the multistate primary on Super Tuesday.

This year, Super Tuesday is … this Tuesday. Biden could really use a massive news event to make the point to voters in those 14 states that he is a winner and a better choice against Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders — and Obama’s ego might be tickled by the prospect at being a decisive player in the race.

Former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill said she thought Obama would respect the process because he wouldn’t have liked it if someone had put his finger on the scale in 2008 while he was hunting for delegates? Yeah, I’m sure he really hated the Kennedy endorsements on his behalf.

The thing is, after Trump’s romp to the GOP nomination against the party establishment in 2016, the chattering classes have claimed endorsements no longer have any impact. That conventional wisdom was just proved wrong: Nearly a quarter of South Carolina primary voters said they were influenced in Biden’s direction by the endorsement this week of Rep. Jim Clyburn, the state’s most senior Democrat.

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