Robo-kid’s dream comes true in epic ‘bank robbery’

This kid’s RoboCop fantasy came true. Watch as 10-year-old Gaige Pike — dressed in a silver sci-fi robot costume — helps law enforcement stop a staged bank robbery in Orlando, Florida. The local Make-A-Wish Foundation worked with the sheriff’s office to pull off the elaborate scenario, complete with SWAT team, news reporters and bank employees….

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Bernie Remains the Democratic Front-runner

Joe Biden captured 61 percent of the African-American vote in South Carolina on Saturday, allowing him to beat Bernie Sanders easily statewide. Biden now has a chance to do well on Super Tuesday and could soon consolidate the anti-Sanders vote. But make no mistake, Bernie Sanders remains the clear front-runner.

The latest forecast by the political forecaster FiveThirtyEight finds that there’s now a 59 percent chance of a contested Democratic convention. Bernie Sanders has a 28 percent chance to win the majority of delegates on the first ballot, while Joe Biden has a 13 percent chance. No one else still running has anything above a 1 percent chance.

The reason Sanders still has the inside track is that Biden has yet to score a convincing win in a state where he doesn’t have the overwhelming advantage. South Carolina is Biden’s neighborhood, home to African-American voters who were fond of his loyal service as Barack Obama’s vice president and to older moderate whites. It’s also the home base of House majority whip Jim Clyburn, who threw his political machine behind Biden in the crucial days right before the primary. Indeed, Biden was so strong in South Carolina that, as of now, it is the only state primary he has won in any of the presidential races he’s run since 1988.

The 14 states that will vote on Super Tuesday will answer the question about whether Biden can create the kind of coalition that Hillary Clinton assembled to hold back Sanders’s insurgent candidacy in 2016. So far, Biden has had little success attracting Hispanics, feminists, or highly educated white voters.

He also hasn’t convinced party leaders or campaign strategists that he can go the distance all the way to beating President Trump in November. In just the past week, Biden committed several rhetorical flubs that call into question his ability to avoid obvious mistakes in an even more heated fall campaign.

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Imagining what a President Bernie Sanders would mean for Jews

WASHINGTON, NOV. 20, 2021: When Bernie Sanders won the presidential election in a squeaker last year, progressive Jews enthused that a glorious new era in American Judaism had dawned.

Synagogues in Park Slope and on the Upper West Side took turns hosting thought leaders such as Peter Beinart (author of “The Crisis of Zionism”) and Max Blumenthal (“Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel”) to explain how American Jews were heading into a “post-Israel” era — and why that was a good thing.

Lefty rabbis published lengthy Facebook posts about how mainstream and center-right Jewish organizations are all actually racist — and how the Sanders administration will help Jews overcome the community’s “particularist obsession” with “Jewish security.”

Yet a year into his term, the first Jewish president hasn’t, in fact, ushered in a Jewish golden age. For one thing, violent attacks against Jews, particularly the Orthodox, continue to escalate, triggering an exodus not seen since that of French Jewry in 2015-16.

The $17 federal minimum wage has sharply increased the unemployment rate among unskilled workers, and Jews have been an ­immediate scapegoat on the far right and left. Harsh new housing-development standards enacted as part of the Green New Deal, meanwhile, have deepened the existing homelessness crisis.

“Jewish landlords” has emerged as a catchphrase seen on many signs at “Free Homes Now” protests. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Linda Sarsour has voiced her support for the movement on Twitter. Confronted with evidence of overt anti-Semitism, she said Team Sanders “deplores all hate,” while urging “privileged communities” to “think and act ­intersectionally.”

When three synagogues were burned to the ground in Los Angeles, White House Press Secretary Bill de Blasio said: “Let me be very clear. We won’t stand for these white-supremacist attacks on any community.” When law enforcers discovered that the arson was the work of a radical Black Hebrew ­Israelites faction, the White House declined further comment.

Other members of the administration have done nothing to calm the anxieties roiling the Jewish community — quite the opposite.

After being caught on a hot mic trashing Israel as a “s - - - ty, little, racist state,” Secretary of State ­Rashida Tlaib apologized, noting her intention had been to criticize the actions of Prime Minister Benny Gantz’s government.

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Victor Manuelle’s concert to close Salsa Festival in Cuba

Havana, Mar 1 (Prensa Latina) With a concert by Puerto Rican singer Victor Manuelle, the 5th International Salsa Festival will end on Sunday in Havana.

The Jose Antonio Echeverria recreational complex’s Club 500, the main venue of the festival, will host the performance by the renowned musician, who will sing for the first time in Cuba accompanied by his orchestra.

Victor Manuelle, who has a vast musical career and is known in Cuba for hits such as ‘Tengo ganas’, ‘Como se lo explico al corazon’ and ‘Dile a ella’, has released more than 20 albums and has collaborated with renowned international singers.

On the last day of the festival, there will be parades of comparsas (dance groups) and electronic music sessions, as well as concerts by Haila Maria Mompie, Lazarito Valdes y Bamboleo, and El Niño y la Verdad orchestras.

Presided by musician Maykel Blanco, the Salsa Festival brought together 19 local high-caliber orchestras for six days, including Adalberto Alvarez y su Son, Alain Perez, Los Van Van orchestra, and Alexander Abreu y Havana D’Primera.

As every year, the festival featured dance workshops on different genres of Cuban music and visits to places related to musical performances such as recording studios and conservatories, among other attractions.

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Trump on Buttigieg dropping out: ‘Dems taking Bernie out of play’

President Trump on Sunday night tweeted that Pete Buttigieg dropping out of the presidential race signals the “beginning of the Dems taking Bernie out of play.” “Pete Buttigieg is OUT,” Trump wrote following reports that the former South Bend, Indiana mayor decided to suspend his campaign. “All of his SuperTuesday votes will go to Sleepy. ”

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Guyana elects new government for 2020-2025 period

Georgetown, Mar 2 (Prensa Latina) Guyana is holding regional and general elections on Monday, after the electoral campaign of the political parties closed.

The alliances and organizations involved in the elections called on Guyanese citizens to cast their votes and take the day into consideration, as it is crucial to decide the future of the country over the next five years.

Guyanese President David Granger, on behalf of the Alliance for National Unity and the Alliance for Change (UNPA-AFC) encouraged ‘the people to vote wisely’ during the final rally prior the elections.

On speaking to his followers, Granger highlighted the achievements of his administration since 2015 and noted that if reelected, he will make a lot of emphasis on the development and the empowerment of young people.

During the UNPA-AFC rally, Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence summoned supporters to cast their vote, as their vote ensures the ongoing development of the nation and all Guyanese citizens.

For its part, the Observer Mission from the Caribbean Community, the Commonwealth and the Organization of American States met with electoral officials, political parties, police officers and the population in order to gather quantitative and qualitative information.

The observers will supervise the opening of the polling stations and the voting process and, before the end of the day, they will meet to make a preliminary assessment of the elections

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