Intel Officials Tell Lawmakers It Remains Unclear if Russia Favors Trump in 2020 Election

Intelligence Community officials told lawmakers in closed-door briefings that Russia is not actively interfering in U.S. elections on behalf of a particular candidate, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

“The [Intelligence Community] has not concluded that the Kremlin is directly aiding any candidate’s re-election or any other candidates’ election,” read an unclassified report given to the lawmakers. “Nor have we concluded that the Russians will definitely choose to try to do so in 2020.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Ca.) pushed back against that conclusion in the first of two briefings by intelligence officials, saying their assessment differed from a classified hearing in February. After the February hearing, given by top election security official Shelby Pierson, Democrats reported that intelligence officials had concluded Russia was attempting to boost President Trump in the U.S. elections.

However, other intelligence officials subsequently told media outlets that Pierson had exaggerated the extent of their findings in the hearing, and Democrats leaked that interpretation to the media.

Two intelligence officials defended the conclusions of the March briefings, saying agencies had based their conclusions on concrete facts separate from political considerations, the Times noted. The officials giving the briefings took care to emphasize the lack of direct evidence that Russia was attempting to boost any particular candidate.

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What Russia Wants for the New Year

What Russia Wants for the New Year

It is not obvious to many what are the real intentions of Russia with Ukraine and in general, unless you lived there for many years. Russia can stand alone on the strength of its natural resources and human capital. Russia does not require even economical trade with other countries to survive. However, it is a powerful country by selling oil and gas to European Countries. In this case, why there are so many territorial conflicts with Ukraine?  Russia have been dreaming since Peter the Great to become a fully accepted member of the European establishment. In the 18th century Peter de Great brought to Russia, million of Germans and Dutch to help his country become more in line with European standards. Being fully accepted as a member of the European Union is the biggest objective of this colossal country. There are some big economic interests of course, but it is more a problem of pride. The Clear Fact believes that Russia will go far in the negotiations with United States, just to achieve a dream that dates back centuries. However, we acknowledge that Russia will be always an economic competitor with United States, but with ongoing negotiations it will be a friendly, fair and balanced competition. 

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Cuba participates at Food and Drink Festival in Grenada

San Jorge, Mar 10 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is currently participating at the International Food and Drink Festival of Grenada (Grensave) arranged to raise funds in order to develop aid programs dedicated to children and young people.

The Cuban ambassador in Grenada, Iraida Guerrero, received at the stand where Cuba’s traditional dishes and drinks are presented to Grenada’s General Governor Dame Cécile La Grenade, and Grensave’s Director Wendy Crawford.

In the event that on this occasion celebrates its 25th edition, Guerrero explained to those present how Cuba gives priority to all projects related to children and young people, despite the tightening of the US economic blockade, which constitutes the biggest obstacle for the development of the country.

Cuba’s diplomat also received her counterpart from China in Granada Zhao Yongchen at the Cuban stand.

All visitors could taste typical dishes and mojito prepared by members of the State mission and Cuban residents, who made possible the presence of the country in Grensave’s fair.

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Boosted by Black Voters, Biden Bests Sanders in Mississippi and Missouri

Former vice president Joe Biden has won the Mississippi and Missouri primaries, continuing his strong showing among black voters in southern states.

In Mississippi alone, Biden won 84 percent of black voters to just 13 percent for Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), according to a CNN exit poll. Among black voters over 60 years old, Biden won a full 96 percent to Sanders’s 3 percent. The state has 36 delegates up for grabs.

Voting on Tuesday occurred in the midst of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak and fears of a resulting economic downturn. In Missouri, which boasts 68 delegates, about 60 percent of voters said they trust Biden most to handle a major crisis, while 25 percent said they most trusted Sanders. Both Biden and Sanders canceled campaign rallies in Cleveland, Ohio after Governor Mike Devine decared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton beat Sanders in Missouri by less than 0.3 percentage points. Networks were able to call a Biden win in the state relatively quickly, suggesting the former vice president improved on Clinton’s performance against Sanders. And in Mississippi, Biden seems poised for a landslide win.

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