Two Cuban doctors residing in Ecuador die from coronavirus

A Holguin gastroenterologist and a Baracoa pediatrician were the victims. The medical centers for which they worked acknowledge their professional merits and transmit condolences to their families.

Eugenio Suárez Utria (left) and Maikel Alba Pérez, the Cuban specialists based in Ecuador who died from coronavirus. Photos taken from Facebook

With the death this Sunday night of Dr. Eugenio Suárez Utria, two Cubans have recently died in in Ecuador as a result of COVID-19.

Suarez Utria had been fighting the new coronavirus for weeks until his body was defeated by the disease this Sunday night.

A native of Holguín, a gastroenterologist, he had been residing in Ecuador for seven years, where he worked at the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) General Hospital, in the city of San Antonio de Machala.

Just a few hours earlier, Maikel Alba Pérez, a pediatrician, specialist in the emergency medical area at the Francisco Orellana General Hospital, had lost his life.

Alba Pérez also spent days fighting the virus that in Ecuador has killed more than 3,300 people and the number of infected exceeds 39,000.

Maikel Alba Pérez was a native of Baracoa and lived in Ecuador since 2014, according to the Facebook page of the Association of Cuban Residents in Ecuador, which reported both deaths.

‘We come to riot’: Illinois man livestreamed handing out explosives

An Illinois man livestreamed himself handing out explosives and destroying property — exclaiming at one point, “We come to riot, boy” at Minneapolis protests over George Floyd’s death, officials said.

Matthew Lee Rupert, 28, faces numerous charges including civil disorder, possession of unregistered explosives and participating in and organizing riots in the Twin Cities, according to court documents filed in federal court.

In videos posted to Facebook, Rupert showed himself handing explosives to others last week and encouraging them to throw them at law enforcement, according to an FBI affidavit.

“I’ve got some bombs if some of you all want to throw them back,” he said while handing out an item with brown casing and a green wick.

Shortly after a person throws a device, an explosion can be heard in the background, officials said.

Footage also showed him appearing to light a Sprint store on fire — before later entering and stealing from an Office Depot, according to the affidavit.

He later shared on Facebook on Saturday that he was headed to Chicago to “loot” there, the affidavit said.

By early Sunday, he posted more videos of himself in and around the Windy City, where he talks about starting a “riot,” officials said.

Rupert was arrested early the same day for violating an emergency curfew in the city, officials said.

During his arrest, officers found several destructive devices, a hammer, a heavy-duty flashlight and cash in his vehicle, officials said.

Rupert appeared Monday for a hearing in federal court in Chicago, where a judge ordered him transferred to Minnesota to face the charges, according to the Star Tribune.

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Owner of store that called cops on George Floyd counterfeit ‘s bill,condemns police actions

The owner of the Minneapolis store where George Floyd allegedly tried to pass a phony $20 bill — triggering a chain of events leading to his police-brutality death — says he won’t call the cops on counterfeiters anymore.

“We are deeply saddened and outraged by what happened to George Floyd in front of our store,” Cup Foods owner Mahmoud Abumayyaleh wrote on Facebook. “There is no justification for the use of reckless force displayed by the police that murdered George Floyd.”

While “there is a state policy that requires stores to call the police in the case of counterfeit bills” — which Cup Foods followed as “routine practice” — “the incidents that led up to this event teach us all an important lesson about dealing with police,” the Minnesota store owner wrote in the posting Sunday.

“By simply following procedure we are putting our communities in danger. Until the police stop killing innocent people, we will handle incidents like this one using non-violent tactics that do not involve police,” he said.
“The bill was an obvious fake — the ink was still running,” said Angel Stately, a regular Cup customer who said she was later shown the bogus paper money by the worker, to the New York Times.

Responding police grabbed Floyd outside the shop, and one of them pushed him to the ground and knelt on his neck for nearly 9 minutes, despite his cries that he couldn’t breathe, video shows. Floyd was black, and the officer in the racially charged case is white.

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Cuba’s inclusion in US list distort true, Foreign Minister says

Havana, Jun 2 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez affirmed on Tuesday that Cuba’s inclusion in a US list for lack of cooperation against terrorism is a deliberate act of distorting the truth.

This is a spurious list, the foreign minister posted on his Twitter account.

Rodriguez then wrote that there is concrete evidence of the bilateral collaboration with the United States in the fight against terrorism and in joint enforcement and law enforcement efforts.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday rejected in a statement its inclusion in the list of countries that ‘do not cooperate’ with Washington’s anti-terrorist efforts due to the presence in Havana of members of the National Liberation Army (ELN).

The Ministry informed in the text that the US accusation about the ELN presence here is weak and dishonest, ‘meaningless and facilitated by the ungrateful attitude by the Colombian government.’

Cuba has invariably maintained its support for peace of the South American nation as guarantor and headquarters of the peace talks with the ELN and previously with the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP), the document stressed.

Such list of countries, released by the US Department of State on May 13, is unilateral, arbitrary and without any foundation, authority or international support, the text noted.

Regarding the argument, the Ministry recalled that the ELN members and the Colombian government arrived in Cuba in May 2018 as part of the peace process, after Ecuador suddenly gave up as a host of the talks.

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Police Chief: Arrested Looters in NYC Are Immediately Released Because of Bail-Reform Law

Most of the looters and rioters arrested by the NYPD over the past several days are immediately released as a direct result of New York’s new bail-reform law, New York City police chief Terrence Monahan told the New York Post on Tuesday.

While the city police made over 650 arrests on Monday night alone, Monahan said that “just about all of them” will be released without bail.

“We had some arrests in Brooklyn where they had guns, [and] hopefully [Brooklyn district attorney] Eric Gonzalez will keep them in, [but] I can’t guarantee that’ll happen,” Monahan said. “But when it comes to a burglary [at] a commercial store, which is looting, they’re back out. . . . Because of bail reform, you’re back out on the street the next day. You cannot be held on any sort of bail. I spoke to [Manhattan district attorney] Cy Vance about that, he told me there’s nothing he can do.”

New York’s bail-reform law, which went into effect earlier this year, eliminates the bail requirement for suspects accused of most misdemeanors, including burglary and stalking. Suspects in violent felonies are still required to post bail. Even before the law was adopted, New York law forbade judges from considering many suspects’ potential danger to the community before setting bail.

New York City has seen widespread rioting and looting during demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who was killed during a confrontation with white police officers in Minneapolis, Minn. The NYPD has stated that organized groups of “anarchists” are targeting stores in wealthy neighborhoods, especially in lower and midtown Manhattan. On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo slammed both the NYPD and Mayor Bill de Blasio for their handling of the riots.

“The police in New York City were not effective at doing their job last night. Period,” Cuomo told reporters. He also floated the idea of “displacing” de Blasio, but immediately retracted the suggestion, saying it would create a “chaotic situation in the midst of an already chaotic situation, that doesn’t make sense.”

Chief Monahan told the Post that he was “extremely outraged” by Cuomo’s remarks.

“I’m watching my men and women out there dealing with stuff that no cop should ever have to deal with, bricks, bottles, rocks, hit in the face with bottles and continuing to go forward to make an arrest,” Monahan said. “For a governor to be sitting in his office saying that we’re not doing a good job — I’m outraged.”

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