The Business Case for Electrify Everything


It is time to stop saving money by cutting the workforce and eliminating their benefits. One in three Americans has Saved $0 for Retirement. However, some politicians are advicating for cutting social security. It is crucial to save money by electrifying everything, while keeping social security.

Now, the theory of why greenhouse gases cause global heating is simple — those gases go into the atmosphere and then trap heat, sort of like how heat can enter the windows of a car but then gets trapped if the car is sealed shut, enough so that you could quickly melt a chocolate bar on your seat, start getting beads of sweat dropping off your brow, or worse. But understanding the science of that whole process and the many effects that come from a heating world is quite difficult.

On the other hand, it’s really easy to learn the solutions and super clear once you do. Because they’re simple, and easy.

Electrifying everything is important not just because it’ll create a cleaner, safer world. Running our energy system on renewable electricity will save every family in America thousands of dollars per year, create tens of millions of jobs and make our lives way more awesome.

Electrifying our cars can save us (and certainly society, which is also us) a ton of money because electric motors are 3–4 times more efficient than gasoline engines.

Electrifying home appliances like stoves and water heaters also saves a lot of energy, and thus money, while improving the user experience.

The Green Factor