5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Declare Living Large the New Normal


Of all the things we have learned about ourselves during this year of disruption, one stands out: A pandemic is no time to be adventurous. Whenever routines change—and simply leaving the house requires an anxiety-provoking negotiation of risk tolerance—people will retreat as quickly as possible to the most convenient, relaxing option available. Comfort food is all the rage. Athleisure is doing better than ever. Hygge is huge. So, in honor of this most un-chill year, here’s a holiday gift guide that highlights 88 of the most over-the-top ways to maximize the cozy zone of everyone on your list.

A Tale of Cake Scotch

The latest from Highlands whisky staple Glenmorangie is initially matured in bourbon casks, and then finished inTokaji dessert wine barrels, which layers sweet, honeyed notes over the brand’s smooth, fruity character. It’s an ideal treat after (or during) the last course. $102

Ganache Blue Box

Made from complexly flavored Criollo cacao beans, each piece of this rich chocolate ganache is topped with whimsical designs. Its holiday vibe extends to a gift-ready package wrapped in brown ribbon. $72 for 25 pieces

Watch Me Clock

Gaetano Pesce’s surreal design is emblematic of 2020 time. Handmade from resin in red and orange, it’s overlaid with fanciful numbers. $300

Royal Oak Offshore Watch

A sportier version of the classic is also available in a standard or green dial. $45,900

Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask

One of the highest-rated masks to leave on while they sleep for overnight firming and hydrating. $390

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