A Wind of Change, Going West


A Wind of Change, Going West

I know many Cuban Americans will despise me after publishing this article. But I must continue what I started in 1990 while being an engineering student in Russia (former the Soviet Union). I arrived at the Soviet Union on August 13, 1986 (Fidel’s Birthday), in the Feodor Chaliapin boat. At that time, I was indeed a faithful young communist and loyal to Fidel and his revolution. But, after three years of being indoctrinated by Russian professors, we developed an urgent need of reconstructing the Cuban Revolution into a Social Democratic society, while keeping Fidel as the symbol of what our martyrs fought for.

I joined the Cuban Russian Union, becoming its Director in Kazakhstan. I recruited many members, who agreed not to promote the destruction of the Revolution but just promote a Wind for Change. I got permanent residency in Kazakhstan and legally departed Cuba. But Eltsin betrayed us and Russians as well, and corruptive communist mafias took over Russia. I applauded with all my heart, the attempt of communist hardliners to remove the corruption that started when Eltsin took over Russia and dismantled the Soviet Union. Russian corruptive mafias won, and they are running Russia today. In 1992 and to protect my physical and mental integrity I was given political refugee and traveled to the United States. The first time I traveled outside of America, I did it with a United Nations Blue Passport. I was interviewed many times by local newspapers and the Voice of America, where I explained the purpose of my generation’s fight, reconstructing socialism.

In the United States and given my lefty ideals I joined the Democratic Party. I met leaders on the left: Torricelli, Bill Richardson, Sharon Bulangahi, and many others. I became an active member of Adelante an organization fighting for Latino’s rights. But, in 2005, after being layoff by Jamie Dimon and one of his personal assistants, I joined Columbia University and started working for a Soviet supervisor and it was horrible. I had 10 car accidents in 5 months after 14 years of clean driving. I will cover in detail in future articles the difference between American Anglo-Saxons supervisors and the Soviet ones. Wrongly, I believed that she was a Democrat and became an active Republican.

But where I am heading with this article. I am still a faithful to Fidel’s fight in 1959, but not to Russia neither to Communism. I am loyal 100% to the United States. About a year ago, I visited Cuba and presented myself there as an independent journalist. I interviewed hundreds of Cubans some of whom asked to stay in anonymity. I bought the first two Bohemian magazines in January 1959. I concluded that Fidel and the 26th of July movement fought no for Communism but to eliminate or eradicate Prostitution, Corruption, and Farmers Poverty. While studying at Havana University, Fidel got a letter which I have a copy of it in my possession, asking him to abandon the University and his ambitions to become a leader, otherwise, they could kill him. On that Weekend, Fidel went to an apartment his father owned on the Beach and made a promise to his country, to destroy corruption and prostitution, and to protect the working class.

However, In Mexico and before returning to Cuba he met Che Guevara, who was a criminal and who was already working with the Russians. It was Che Guevara who killed without any remorse Cubans who did not sympathize with the Revolution, given he was not killing his brothers. I am pointing you here to an article, I wrote on how Russia took our Revolution, The makings of a communist-cuba. As well I am writing a book about the consequences of Eltsin’ s betrayal of a generation’s dream, “Reconstructing Socialism”. The book’s title, “The Bolsheviks” Later, Fidel realized that Che Guevara was a liability for the Revolution, because of his extremist believes and asked him to abandon Cuba.

Today and sadly, there is prostitution, corruption, and the cities are flourishing with their paladars while farmers are not. While visiting I declared, as I said that I was an independent journalist, but also a Human Rights fighter. I was called by the police, who interviewed me for two hours and nicely they asked me to change the name of Human Rights Fighter, as this in Cuba has a negative connotation to something else. We agree that Liberty Fighter was better.

As soon as the pandemic is over, I will be traveling to Cuba this time as an independent journalist and as a liberty fighter. I am promising my country that I will be using The Green Link, magazine to fight corruption and prostitution, and to convince Cuba that our best future is to convince the United Kingdom for Cuba to become a member of the Commonwealth while embracing a Green Social Democratic Society.

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