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Providing Information & Analysis for a Better Libertarian World.

Odestech Solutions Corp

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We believe that innovation, creativity and common sense when applied with compassion are keys to success.

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Green Living, Technologies, Energy & Traveling

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Our team is a highly trained and hard-working group of professionals.


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We are a unique Moderate (Social Justice) & Green Magazine, Social Media Aggregation site that supports common-sense with compassion values. We stand for established freedom in a smaller, non-oppressive government. We rail against the devious radical agendas and its disease spreading globally. We preach a peaceful non-violent and green message, free of hatred, and believe in Liberty and Parliamentarian Democracy. We are staunch supporters of Labor Unions, Civil Liberties, and Green Solutions. We have other features, Music and Video clips, Travel tips, interesting facts, famous quotes, and the Green Factor debates. This is in addition to the breaking green news of the moment. We strongly believe that Social Justice and Green Solutions must walk hand by hand.