Cubans Among the 50 Most Beautiful People in Spanish

The popular magazine People en Español released its annual list of the 50 cutest celebrities. And in the ranking there are three Cuban artists!

The special 2020 edition was titled “Beauties for a better world” and in it the celebrities that make up the ranking also shared how their routines have changed since the coronavirus pandemic began, how they are living the quarantine and what their next projects are.

At number 6 on the list is the Cuban actress Ana de Armas . From her appearances in the popular Spanish series El internado , to more recent films such as Blade Runner 2049 (2017) and Knives out (2019), Ana de Armas is at the best moment of her career and has managed to conquer Hollywood, being one of their most requested new faces.

The Cuban-born model and singer, Jencarlos Canela , is ranked 10th. The artist, who began his musical career at age 12 in the Miami Boom Boom Pop band and in 2013 already had an exclusive contract with the Universal label. Music Latino, these days surprised with provocative photos on social networks.

Cuban Camila Cabello appears in position 14 on the People en Español list . The singer, who lived her childhood in Habana del Este, conquered the world with the single “Havana” and will soon be the new Cinderella of Hollywood.

In addition, it stars in one of the four covers that the popular magazine made for its special edition of the “50 most beautiful”. The former girl Harmony in exclusive statements to People en Español offered details of how meditation has helped her cope with the quarantine.

Cuba’s EGREM record label announces online tribute to the flute

Havana, May 5 (Prensa Latina) The Recordings and Musical Editions Company (EGREM) announces the online presentation of an album and concert honoring the Cuban flute.

Entitled ‘Esa flauta’ (That Flute), several Cuban musicians gathered to recreate different musical styles that made history in the world for more than a century.

Among participants are Orlando Valle ‘Maraca,’ Yumuri, Alain Perez, Calunga, Jose Luis Cortes, Peruchin, Cesar Lopez, Rene Luis Herrera, Enrique Lazaga and Guillermo Pedroso.

The album will be available online from May 8, while the concert can be enjoyed on May 15 on EGREM´s YouTube channel.

EGREM was established in 1964 and has the largest fund of music records in Latin America, so it is rated as the leading company in the Cuban music.

International musicians have recorded at EGREM´s recording studios. Including Nat King Cole and Josephine Baker, and on the Cuban side, Los Van Van, Irakere, Buena Vista Social Club, Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes.

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Corey Feldman says his life is in danger over doc exposing Hollywood abusers

“It’s scary. It’s very scary.”

He arrived at “The Wendy Williams Show” with a security detail on Tuesday and “said his life has been threatened since working on his doc,” a source told.

“My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys” covers the experiences of him and his best friend, the late Corey Haim. “We had both been molested as children … He was raped physically. I was raped emotionally. I was molested,” he told Williams. Feldman has never named his or Haim’s abusers, but promises to expose them in the doc.

“I am saying every name that affected … our lives, and we have victims talking about their experiences … The one main name that everyone is waiting to hear … It is a name that everybody on the planet knows.”

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Robo-kid’s dream comes true in epic ‘bank robbery’

This kid’s RoboCop fantasy came true. Watch as 10-year-old Gaige Pike — dressed in a silver sci-fi robot costume — helps law enforcement stop a staged bank robbery in Orlando, Florida. The local Make-A-Wish Foundation worked with the sheriff’s office to pull off the elaborate scenario, complete with SWAT team, news reporters and bank employees….

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Victor Manuelle’s concert to close Salsa Festival in Cuba

Havana, Mar 1 (Prensa Latina) With a concert by Puerto Rican singer Victor Manuelle, the 5th International Salsa Festival will end on Sunday in Havana.

The Jose Antonio Echeverria recreational complex’s Club 500, the main venue of the festival, will host the performance by the renowned musician, who will sing for the first time in Cuba accompanied by his orchestra.

Victor Manuelle, who has a vast musical career and is known in Cuba for hits such as ‘Tengo ganas’, ‘Como se lo explico al corazon’ and ‘Dile a ella’, has released more than 20 albums and has collaborated with renowned international singers.

On the last day of the festival, there will be parades of comparsas (dance groups) and electronic music sessions, as well as concerts by Haila Maria Mompie, Lazarito Valdes y Bamboleo, and El Niño y la Verdad orchestras.

Presided by musician Maykel Blanco, the Salsa Festival brought together 19 local high-caliber orchestras for six days, including Adalberto Alvarez y su Son, Alain Perez, Los Van Van orchestra, and Alexander Abreu y Havana D’Primera.

As every year, the festival featured dance workshops on different genres of Cuban music and visits to places related to musical performances such as recording studios and conservatories, among other attractions.

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