Cuba excels in international tourism competition

Havana, Jul 27 (PL) A team of students from the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Havana stood out in an international test of this sector that lasted several months, that educational instance reported today.

A report received by Prensa Latina indicates that it was an electronic test in which the team from this island ranked 12th, when 60 universities from 32 countries in Asia, America, Europe and Africa participated.

Some nations such as Spain, China, Mexico and Canada, were represented by more than one university.

The Cuban team was made up of Aliber Velázquez (fifth year), Ernesto Rodríguez, Adriel Málvarez and Laura Feyt (fourth) and Melissa Quintana (third).

Luis Daniel Ortiz and Gerardo Hernández (fourth year), all with a Bachelor of Tourism, entered as reservations and the dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Alejandro Delgado, as professor-coach.

The Faculty report specifies that the competition consisted of the monthly publication of a challenge, a specific situation to which the teams had to propose a solution within 20 calendar days.

The answer was in a specified format where they should contain diagnosis, analysis and solution proposal in no more than 10 pages in English.

In turn, an international jury assessed the responses within 10 days, so that the results of each challenge were published on the same day as the next challenge.

The challenges varied, from proposals for the exit of the tourist crisis induced by the Covid-19 in countries such as Spain, to comprehensive solutions for tourism development in one of the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah.

Dubbed the Student League of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the competition spanned five months, from late February to July 2020, with four challenges in total.

The Faculty emphasizes that the possibility offered by the Bachelor of Tourism in 10 universities in this country, in addition to the increasingly solid collaboration with the entities of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) in the territories, will make it possible to organize a National League.

The Cuban team had a preselect ion of 16 students from which seven were chosen, including the reservation of two students. To form it, a test was carried out with 85 numerical, verbal and critical thinking questions, always in English.

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