Fossil remains of prehistoric giant turtle found in South America

Bern, Feb 13 (Prensa Latina) Fossil remains of a prehistoric turtle weighing more than 1,000 kilograms were found by a team of Swiss researchers in South America, digital media published today.

It is the extinct turtle Stupendemys Geographicus, first described in 1976. This specimen, they say, weighed more than 1,100 kilos and lived in lakes and freshwater rivers located in the north of South America between 7 and 13 million years ago.

With a shell 2.86 meters long, the researchers also found parts of the lower jaw, which enabled them to determine the dietary preferences of the animal, including a wide range of fish, alligators, snakes and mollusks, as well as seeds and fruits .

Discovered in the Colombian desert of Tatacoa and in the town of Urumaco, in Venezuela, for the authors, one of the surprises was the fact that the males of this species had horns in their shells.

It is one of the largest turtles, said Marcelo Sanchez, from the University of Zurich, the main author of the study.

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