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Natalia Peluso

Natalia Peluso (born January 12, 1995) is a Spanish-Speaking singer-songwriter who fuses soul, jazz, rap, salsa and swing.

Nathy Peluso was born in 1995 in Luján, Argentina, but lived in Buenos Aires, Saavedra, with her father, psychologist, mother, English teacher, and a sister, Sofia also a singer (Sofia Gabanna). In 2004 he emigrated with his family to Spain, and lives in Barcelona today. His whole family came to Spain with Italian nationality. After residing in Alicante, he moved to Murcia where he began his studies in Audiovisual Communication, which he would soon leave. She decided to move to Madrid and study Physical Theatre at the Rey Juan Carlos University, to specialize in Pedagogy of Visual Arts and Dance. When he arrived in Madrid he worked in hospitality and was also in production chains.

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