Are you a Libertarian?

Welcome to the Libertarian Factor Quiz

Are you a true libertarian?

1. Do you think it’s fair for you to be forced to pay the salaries of bankers who failed to do their jobs?

2. Two far away countries, Imbordia and Dontcaristan, are engaged in a military conflict likely to claim many lives, although there is no direct threat to America. In general, should the United States put our soldiers' "boots on the ground" to intervene in such conflicts?

3. A man is caught smoking marijuana in his home, with the windows and doors closed so that he will disturb no one else. Should he be put in prison for his decision to smoke?

4. Your friend owns a small farm with dairy cows. He offers to sell you some raw milk at an affordable price. You understand the risks of drinking unpasteurized milk, and want to accept your friend’s offer. Should the Department of Agriculture prevent you from making this decision?

5. The U.S. imprisons more people than any other nation. Nearly half of those behind bars in federal prisons are nonviolent drug offenders. Does locking up so many people make for a safer, or fairer, society?