The Independence of thought is the noblest aristocracy.

Thank you, and congratulations, America!!!

Independence Day

The gloom is not what scares,
It is what behind is men fear,
Despite their great struggles,
They achieved Independence,
They feared for their children,
Will have no freedom to share,
They united for sovereignty to reach,
Facing concealed and eternal brutalities,
They wanted the keys of their destiny to embrace,
The doors of slavery tore,
For a free passageway to elevate,
Hiding their past of suffering,
For a new world to create,
Without being robbed by absurd laws,
which opposed thriving ways,
For they preached evil against Americans born,
The new world is simple,
Freedom, Family, and Work,
Everything else is nontrivial,
Thanks to this land to its captivity scape,
The world is better today.

Blessed Be Your Lives

Joseph Nolberts

Written by 

Mr. Nolberts graduated from Saint's Peter University with a Masters in Business Administration and a Master in Audio/Video Electronics from Saint Petersburg Cinematography State University and New York University. Mr. Govin, is a Project Manager certified and a 4th degree Knights of Columbus.