Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Visit Cuba

Internationally, Cuba has a great reputation in terms of hottest travel destinations. The country has to offer scenic mountain ranges, the largest Caribbean Island, attractional Cuban music & salsa, great history, and fantastic weather. Here I’m going to put a few reasons for you to plan a trip to Cuba:

The Colorful Architecture

It is well-known that Cuba is full of influential architects. You can expect to visit a range of colorful architects in this country. It wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that many visitors instantlyadore the beauty of French neoclassical, Spanish Moorish, Art Deco, and Colonial baroque that this country holds.

Moreover, you can also have a great time in this country by looking at its UNESCO-listed old Havana along the streets of Trinidad. You can make the most out of this visit by clicking a few brightly-colored photos for your Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Capitol Building and the Catedral de la Habana. You cannot afford to miss this city’s less obvious architectural gems because the place has its own kind of beauty and appeal.

Beautiful Beaches & Landscapes

If you are a US citizen who has never visited the beautiful places in North America, then you must put Cuba on top of your travel bucket list. If you are wondering, can americans travel to cuba? Then, the answer is a straight yes—all you need to apply for the eVisa to travel this country freely. You won’t regret your visit as Cuba has to offer great weather, beautiful beaches, and landscapes.

The country is like a plethora of natural sites. You can go hiking and camping to get the most out of the mountain regions. Moreover, you can expect to spend quality time with your loved ones near the Caribbean beaches. You can take beautiful pictures with fine sand and clear waters. You can absolutely have so much fun in Viñales (western part) and Guardalavaca Beach (eastern part).

A Living Museum

If you are someone who has a massive interest in Vintage care, then Cuba is the right place for you to visit. The country has a living museum of old cars. You cannot expect to find any other country in America with so many great old cars in use. These cars proudly own the streets of Cuba like the country is living in 1959 and 19660 again. The natives of this country have maintained American-style classic cars for the past six decades. You can expect to watch colorful cars ranging from Ford to Chevrolets.

You can surely ride different kinds of models and take photos with vintage cars to keep your posting game strong on Instagram. You can even talk to the drivers to learn about the techniques they have come up with all these years to maintain the conditions of old cars, especially when they have no access to original spare parts.