Vietnam prepares tributes to Hung Kings, founders of the nation

Hanoi, Feb 13 (Prensa Latina) Vietnam will celebrate from March 24 to April 2 one of its most important festivals dedicated to the Hung Kings, the founders of the nation, organizers confirmed today.

As usual, the most outstanding celebrations will take place in the northern Vietnamese province of Phu Tho with the placement of offerings and incenses and other rituals in the Upper Temple devoted to the dynasty on Nghia Linh Mountain (about 85 kilometers northwest of Hanoi).

Declared by Unesco, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the celebration congregates hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year, while in other areas of the country millions of people observe the date.

According to legend, about 4,000 years ago the fairy Au Co married Lac Long Quan, the dragon king of the sea, and gave birth to a hundred eggs from which 100 children, the first Vietnamese, came out.

In love, but eager to return to his hometown, the dragon-king set sail for half of his children to the sea, and Au Co stayed in the mountains and taught how to grow rice and spin the other 50 children.

The oldest of them settled in Phong Chau (now Phu Tho), adopted the title of King Hung and founded an independent state on Mount Nghia Linh which he named Van Lang. The Hung kings (a succession of 18) ruled Vietnam from 879 BC. to 258 B.C., an era that was characterized by prosperous agricultural development and resounding victories over foreign invaders.

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